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The Heart of your Empowerment

2 days
13 speakers
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Do you truly understand, how special you are?!

Think back to when you were little. How everything in life was so simple - yet magical! 

As we get older, we begin to tell ourselves things like, "I can't do this" or "I'm not worthy of..." 

These self sabotaging behaviors begin to mould who we think we are & take away our power to achieve greatness. 

During this event, we will be identifying how to regain our strength & our power once more - to be able to fully embrace all of ourselves.

Shine your light in the world and 


Are you really living your truth? 

Do you schedule in time to just be? 

What are you doing today that allows you to become a better version of yourself tomorrow? 

What limiting beliefs do you hold about yourself? 

Are you aware that you have the power to change anything, in any given moment to improve your life? 

Join the 13 experts professionals who will share their experience.

They have a wealth of techniques that will help you which are just a click away...

BE YOU - Mind Body Soul is delivered entirely online. 

Watch on the day and join in with the LIVE Q &A's and share sessions, or catch them on replay. It’s up to you! 

All replays of the BE YOU Summit will be available for 30 days


To gain the most benefit set aside the weekend and connect with YOU

Join in with as many sessions LIVE at the weekend as you can and feel connected with like minded souls. 

All the speakers will deep dive into various aspects of how to love yourself more, how to acknowledge how you got to be where you are today & how to manifest the life you truly want. They will remind you that you are in control of all aspects of your life & how to be more mindful, daily - to fully live & not just exist. 

**** FREE PRIZE TO BE WON for whoever tuned in to the most LIVE webinar sessions over the weekend ****

Sue Allsworth from Authentic Smile the host of the Mind Body Soul Summits will announce the person who has attended the most LIVE sessions on Sunday the 7th at the Closing Circle session.

You will have the choice of Authentic Smile product or services:

A free Journal Journey Workbook or Deck of Cards

A free 1 hour Coaching Call or Card Insight Session

Free access to 5 selected Sessions in the Get in the Habit Studio

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